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Tai Lung Fung: hobnobbing with Hong Kong movie stars


The recipe for this small cosy bar includes a dose of nostalgia and a little mandarin peel.

Go back to 1960s Hong Kong. This is where Sam, Tai Lung Fung's owner, wants to take you. This little old bar became fashionable for its decor of old film posters and equally ancient press clippings.

Tai Lung Fung means ‘great dragon and phoenix', a typically Hong Kong term that means kitsch and cheap at the same time. Sam serves meat with dried tangerine peel, advised by Chinese medicine, and offers cocktails based on lemongrass or chamomile liqueur.

The bar is hidden behind the Blue House, a beautiful wooden house built in 1920 that was recently given heritage status. Tai Lung Fung's warm hospitality is appealing, making it one of Hong Kong's friendliest bars.

Tai Lung Fung
The Archive
5-9, Hing Wan Street
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

+852 2572 0055

Drinks: around 50 HKD

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