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Surfing in Montreal: indoors or on the St. Lawrence...

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Come tame the waves, because surfing in Montreal is, of course, possible.

No need for Tofino, Honolulu, or Bali to go surfing. Montreal is known by insiders for its beautiful river waves in summer, right beside the Old Port.

Unlike ocean waves, river waves are not dynamic but stationary, so they remain on site. Surfing in Montreal therefore has a very significant advantage. Rather than wait for the perfect wave to come to you, it's waiting for you to come at it! For surf bums who want to surf all seasons, Maeva Surf is the indoor surfing centre with the most dynamic, the safest, and most popular waves in the world since 2010.

For a free session if you are experienced, a group class, a private or semi-private course, testing the flowboard is a unique experience, available only in Canada.

Maeva Surf
2005, boulevard Daniel-Johnson
Laval H7T 1H8

+1 450 934 6238

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