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St. Patrick's Cathedral: the Dublin seat of the patron saint of Ireland


Although a little austere at first because of its grey granite blocks, this cathedral actually hides one of the most beautiful places of Irish Anglican worship.

Ard Eaglais Naomh Pádraig (the Irish name for the cathedral) is one of the main settings in The Tudors, the famous history-TV series that addresses the very tormented life of the young Henry VIII.

Once inside, you'll understand why: the colours are central, forming an amber light that warms the soul. There is sparkling stained glass, whose dreamy tones and fabulous style filter a brighter light than life. On the ground, there is another spectacle of medieval tiles with geometric figures that leaves many travellers speechless. Finally, above the choir and its solid wooden pews hang two rows of banners adorned with the coat of arms of the Knights of St. Patrick. On choir days, Gaelic songs make the granite resound, giving a fairly accurate picture of the cathedral at the height of its glory.

Your visit will conclude with a trip into the depths of the monument: the crypt! Underground, there awaits a maze of safe, low galleries, which follow one another in the darkness, the ornate tombs… and the fluorescent key rings in the gift shop!

St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick's Close
Dublin 8

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