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Sri Mariamman Temple: the oldest Hindu temple in the country


Beautifully decorated in the Dravidian art tradition, this place of worship, open to all, is an oasis of colour.

Dedicated to the goddess Mariamman, who holds the power of healing, this temple was established in 1827 and has been renovated several times since. Before entering, observe in detail the impressive gopuram, the multi-coloured tower. The sculptures of Hindu deities contain sacred meanings and were carved with care by the best artists in the country. Joining them is Krishna, the god behind all the others, recognisable by his blue body and the flute he holds in his fingers.

Remove your shoes, step into the captivating atmosphere, and make a tour moving from left to right. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of pealing bells, rung by devotees to attract luck. Before sunset, priests, worshipers, and musicians begin the ritual offerings.

The Timiti celebration is held from October to November, during which the most courageous believers walk barefoot over burning coals.

Sri Mariamman Temple
244 South Bridge Road

+65 6223 4064

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