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Skhirat: one of the most beautiful beaches in the world


Rabat is by the sea, but to bathe, swim, or surf, head to Skhirat.

Skhirat, only 26 kilometres south of Rabat, boasts of being one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. It also receives the Blue Flag award every year, which rewards the best-kept beaches, and those that are most preserved from pollution. The royal family owns a residence and stays there regularly. You might see one or more of its members on the beach, but you will never be bothered by the security service. They know how to be discreet.

Beige sand, endless waves, deliciously salty air, and a caressing sun are what await you. And nothing else… On weekends, the Rabatians come as a family. No need to bring a picnic as you can lunch on the terrace of one of the resorts that line the beach. Or next time, rent a villa and stop in at the port to buy some freshly caught fish on your way home.

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