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Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre: my dazibao is so beautiful!


Immerse yourself in the Mao years through a unique collection of posters from that time.

Peiming Yang created this unofficial centre, located in the basement of a residential building. He had amassed a private collection of 5,000 propaganda posters covering the period from the founding of the PRC in 1949 to the end of the Cultural Revolution, when Deng Xiaoping put an end to propaganda. Sumptuous, colourful posters decorate the walls.

The commentary in English and French is often far from complimentary about Maoist China. Historians, art lovers, people who are nostalgic about the past, and anyone interested in China's recent history will love this. Don't miss the giftshop, which sells the dazibaos, both originals and reproductions, as well as ration cards and old copies of the Little Red Book.

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre
Room B-OC
President Apartment
868, Huashan Road

+86 (0)21 6211 1845

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