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Semilla: gourmet ‘almost' vegetarian


Semilla is a restaurant that puts vegetables first.

Nestled in a small street of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, this small restaurant has a clear ambition: to offer ‘vegetable-forward' cuisine with fresh market produce every day to a small group of 18 clients at a time.

In addition to the creativity seen on the plate and the impressive number of dishes on the menu (ten on average), what is surprising here is the richness of the recipes, only composed of seasonal ingredients straight from the Brooklyn market. If forgotten vegetables, tubers, and new vegetables have the spotlight on the plates, the chef loves to add essential New York and American cheeses to celebrate inventive, new, and local cuisine. Reservations required.

Once there, absolutely make your way to the bathroom. As strange as it may seem, the one-way mirror allows you to look in on the chef and his team!

160 Havemeyer Street, n° 5
New York, NY 11211

+1 718 782 3474

Menu: around 85 USD

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