Scotland's National Airshow rejuvenates the history of aviation

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Scotland's National Airshow rejuvenates the history of aviation

In late July, be a part of Scotland's National Airshow, on the grassy tarmac of the East Fortune Airfield, which hangars accommodate the National Museum of Flight.

The East Fortune Airfield allows for miles of grassy picnics and fresh air. In its two hangars, it also covers one of the most complete aircraft collections in Europe, heritage of the National Museum of Flight that is presented with interactive exhibitions. Every 23rd of July, Scotland's National Airshow spreads out to the air for a day of breathtaking aerial displays.

Three RAF teams, including the Red Arrows and the Typhoon, will be present. The Scottish audience will enjoy for the first time the Swiss Air Force PC-7 team, the Norwegian Air Force Historic Squadron in a MiG 15 UTI and two De Havilland Vampires. Britain Memorial Flight will bring other Spitfire, Lancaster and Hawker Hurricane aircraft to the show. Other aircraft making an appearance are the Black Lynx helicopter team, a Catalina flying boat and three bi-planes (a Fairey Swordfish; a Stolp Starduster and a Bucker Jungmann).

Scotland's National Airshow
National Museum of Flight
East Fortune Airfield
East Lothian EH39 5LF

23 July 2016

22 GPB

From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m