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Saint-Stephen's Cathedral: its spire is the soul of the city


The building of St. Stephen's Cathedral, more commonly known as ‘Stephansdom', began in the 13th century, and it is a must. The roofing, the sculptures everything is beautiful.

The largest Gothic building in the whole of Austria with a spire that rises to 137 metres is considered by the Viennese to be the symbol of their city. From the towers, one has a breath-taking view of the city. Its roof is covered with 250,000 diamond-shaped polychrome tiles. Construction of the cathedral lasted for two centuries, but it was badly damaged during World War II.

The majestic interior contains treasures such as the stone-carved pulpit, the altarpiece representing the Virgin between St. Catherine and St. Barbara, and the altar built in 1640. Stained glass from the Middle Ages, representing the Passion, illuminates the choir with their strong colours.

According to legend, Beethoven realised he had gone deaf when he saw birds flying away from the tower without hearing the noise of the bells.

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1010 Vienna

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