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Saint Petersburg: a city on the water

stroll along the canals

The city can also be discovered by its canals but only in summer.

Saint Petersburg is a city of water. By flowing into the sea, the Neva River forms a delta containing an area of countless islands and three inlets. The city centre is surrounded by three canals that are lined with beautiful homes. The Moika, the Griboyedov Canal, and the Fontanka are spanned by many bridges, a number of which are decorated with beautiful sculptures and lamps. The floods, once the nightmare of the inhabitants, have now been curbed.

To remember them, an obelisk near the Blue Bridge marks the highest levels reached by the most deadly of the floodwaters. Choose a tour of one or several hours, in the city alone or all the way to the Gulf of Finland. When evening falls, the illuminated facades of the palaces along the Neva provide a magical spectacle. At night, the bridges are opened, to the admiration of tourists. The canals are navigable between May and mid-October. But a visit to the frozen Neva in winter is also unforgettable.

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