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Sa'dabad: immersion in the glitzy world of the Shah of Iran


Discover one of the second homes of the Pahlavi dynasty on the outskirts of Tehran.

This vast 104-hectare park housed the summer residence of the Pahlavi on the slopes of the Alborz. Located on the Darband side in the northwest of the capital, the park itself is a pleasant place to walk, and the complex hosts a dozen buildings converted into a museum. The White Palace (or Palace of the Nation) is worth a look to see the opulence in which the imperial family lived.

This white colonnaded building, which appears austere from the exterior, houses no fewer than 54 luxurious rooms. Huge Iranian carpets are seen alongside porcelain and Western furniture, forming a florid interior created by a French designer. It is not necessary to move from museum to museum; content yourself with the Fine Arts Museum in order to have a good overview of Islamic Art and to enjoy the very pleasant park. Take time to stop at the Green Palace (Sahvand), made entirely of onyx, which overlooks the White Palace.

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