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Rue Paradis, more than a street, a neighbourhood


The living centre of Marseilles, whether looking for a painting, a piece of furniture, a new pair of shoes, or a little history.

Rue Paradis is 2,780 metres long, making it the second longest street in Marseille. It crosses three arrondissements, from Place du General de Gaulle near the port to the Avenue du Prado. The street is a city landmark, and starting from the Place du General de Gaulle and walking to Place Ernest Delibes, you pass luxury shops, jewellers, and excellent restaurants. Close by, at 19 rue Grignan, is the Cantini museum, which houses one of the richest French public collections of 20th century art, from Fauvism to Surrealism.

The terraces of the beautiful Place Castellane open at the north end onto the Antiquarians district, a great place to find antique and design treasures.

This street is exactly what its name suggests, and represents Marseilles at its most typical, replete with the warm atmosphere of daily life in the South of France.

Impasse du Paradis

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