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Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon: one of the world's most beautiful

wellness & sport

Another postcard landscape, not as well known, dedicated to sport and partying.

Located in the southern zone of Rio, surrounded by mountains, modern buildings and villas, and tropical forests and beaches, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is another Rio jewel.

A blue lagoon fed by salt water, it is home to many wealthy Cariocas and multiple sporting activities. The mere sight of the lake is enough to make you relax, but the bicycling opportunities are superb, including racing around the 7.2 km lakeshore path. Others prefer pedal boating on plastic swans, rowing, or water skiing, while the more adventurous take helicopters to see the magical view from the top of Parque da Catacumba. At Christmas, trees are placed in the centre of the lake, attracting thousands of tourists.

There are many great restaurants and kiosks where you can have a drink, eat dinner, or listen to live music.

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