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Rakkojae: a guest house balancing elegance with tradition


A haven of peace that allows you to fully relax and to take a break in exceptional surroundings.

A traditional hanok transformed into a guest house and renovated in 2003 by a renowned master carpenter, this intimate place perfectly reflects the elegance of Korean culture.

With four rooms decorated according to tradition, it is a real gem for those seeking tranquillity. Sleep on a futon on a natural jade floor, relax in a wooden tub, and delight in the typical Korean dishes as they are brought to you. In such a scene it is easy to imagine ancient times when sages came here to meditate. The hosts are attentive, sincere, personable, and refined. Have breakfast on the patio beside a lotus flower pond, attend a tea ceremony, or relax in a traditional, clay-walled sauna.

218 Gahoe-dong

+82 (0)2 742 3410

Rooms: from 275,000 KRW

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