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Qingping Medicine Market: the largest street market in China


If you want to take the pulse of Cantonese folk culture, and come away astonished, this is the place…

If you are used to the Chinatown districts of some cities, where you go to buy tofu and moon cakes, you'll be floored by this place. Even more so if you we're expecting a fruit and vegetable market like back home. This is a typical Chinese market, on a gargantuan scale, frequented by the Cantonese and the Chinese diaspora.

You can find every edible animal in China here, dead or alive that is because, according to the Chinese saying,‘Everything that has legs and is not a table or has wings but is not a plane, is eaten.' Sensitive souls, beware! Scorpions, turtles, cats, dogs, snakes, rats, rabbits, owls, and kittens and only the kittens are destined to be pets (the Chinese have also succumbed to the LOLcats meme). Qingping is also the biggest herbalism market in China, where you'll find all manner of plants, roots, and fungi to cure all ills. Bring a guide if you want to find that dried cucumber or ginseng powder you simply must have.

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