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Portobello: a seaside resort on the outskirts of Edinburgh

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Take advantage of this long white sandy beach, just minutes from downtown. This is one of the favourite walks of Edinburghers, who flock here with the first rays of sun.

Considered by some as a neighbourhood of Edinburgh, by others as part of its suburbs, Portobello is very close to downtown—just five kilometres northeast, roughly 15 minutes by bus. Head straight to the beach for a refreshing and romantic stroll. The sea is sublime, but know that the temperature rarely rises above 19°C, even in high season. This does not stop some from swimming—in winter or summer.
In summer, the beach comes alive: yacht clubs open their doors, vacationers settle in, pubs set out their deck chairs, and Victorian homes regain their original charm. Many small cafés offer takeaway food. Have a picnic, feet in the sand, munching on fish and chips. Gourmet types will want to visit the traditional market, which takes place every Saturday on Brighton Park. Meanwhile, sports fans can attend—or even participate in—a volleyball competition, or go kayaking or sailing.

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