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November in Triolet for the Hindu festival of Diwali


Mauritius offers astonishing cultural richness with its ethnic melting pot. Strolling in the village of Triolet during Diwali celebrations is a charming way to be reminded of this.  

In the beautifully named Pamplemousses (grapefruits) region in the northwest of Mauritius stands Triolet, an authentic Creole city surrounded by greenery and idyllic landscapes. At the heart of this picturesque village is the Hindu temple Maheswarnath, the largest of the island.

Take off your shoes and remove any leather objects to explore this place of worship and to appreciate its joyful, colourful architecture. At night, it's not just the stars that sparkle: every year in November, Diwali (the ‘festival of lights') is in full swing. Houses and streets are adorned with decorations, and food abounds.


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