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Newport Beach: whale watching less than an hour out of L.A.


Newport Beach is a pleasant seaside resort in Orange County, from where you can board the ferry to Catalina Island, a beautiful exotic gem floating on the ocean.

This famous surf spot has a pleasant pedestrian promenade on the beach. In the Balboa neighbourhood, the bulk of the tourism trade is in whale watching.

So, embark on a great adventure in search of marine life and these immense mammals, which are considered to be very curious. For two exciting hours, the crew will deliver fascinating details about the habits of these intelligent animals, which have been the subject of many scientific studies did you know that whales are one of only three species, alongside humans and Balinese monkeys, able to learn and recall a melody.

Depending on the season, you will see giant blue whales, which migrate in summer and autumn, as well as sharp-nosed fin whales, which are fond of cruising in the calm summer waters of the Gulf.

Newport Landing Whale Watching
309 Palm St #A
Newport Beach, CA 92661

+1 949 675 0551

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