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National Gallery: art treasures at the crossroads of history and modernity


A fascinating tour of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia, through the innovative use of technology.

The architectural icons of the former Supreme Court and City Hall have been turned into this true jewel of modern art. The largest art museum in Southeast Asia opened in November 2015 and has more than 800 works on permanent display.

Discover the history of a country and a region from the perspective of artistic movements that have evolved in parallel to social movements since the 19th century. The museum represents perfectly the contrast between cultural history and modernity. You can download the museum's app on your phone an innovative way to visit a gallery that allows you to plan your personalised visit in advance, participate in discussion forums on the works, and listen to the fascinating history of the paintings.

For children, the Keppel Centre for Art Education will stimulate their creativity in a true artist's studio. They can play with light and colour in a work of interactive art and develop their curiosity in an enchanted forest.

National Gallery Singapore
1 St. Andrew's Road

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