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N Seoul Tower and Namsan Mountain, a splendid panorama


Known as the Mountain of Lovers don't forget to hang a lock at the top to seal your love forever!

Enjoy first the greenery and large Imperial bronze statues of Namsan Park a marked contrast with the modernity of the capital. Climbing the 262 metres from the hill to the base of the tower is arduous and best left to the athletes.

Take the high-tech cable car instead, which takes a mere 30 seconds and offers impressive views of the city and the tower, especially when it is illuminated at night. Officially open to the public since 1980, the tower rises 238 metres from the summit, and its highest point is 479 metres above sea level. Numerous revolving restaurants, cafés and shops are on the different floors, but the impressive view alone is worth the visit.

N Seoul Tower
105 Namsangongwon-gil

+82 (0)2 3455 9277

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