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Myeongdong: a shopping paradise


Whether you have shopping fever or not, just experiencing this place, located in the heart of Seoul, is alone worth the visit.

A consumer extravaganza awaits you at the heart of impressive diversity in a lively district.

In this commercial enclave, large banners of Korean cosmetics and fashion brands share pride of place with luxury flagships and more affordable brands. A temple of outdoor shopping, it buzzes until late at night, its streets crowded with shops, restaurants, and cafés. Myeongdong is not just limited to luxury and refinement it finds space for local designers and international brands, as well. Lose yourself in the small streets and stroll among the many stands that combine Korean food, more diversified products, and gadgets. Linger until evening, when the lights come on and the music starts, and a completely different atmosphere settles into place.

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