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Mount Faron: an incredible panorama


Mount Faron's 584 metres of white limestone dominate the Toulon harbour.

Wherever you are in Toulon, the mountain watches over you with all its telluric force. Whether accessed by cable car a guaranteed thrill for the entire family or by road, reaching the summit of Mont Faron is always a delight.

The splendour of the panorama is impressive: the city is at your feet, and the coast unfolds all its richness, with its lines of cliffs, fragrant scrubland, forests of Kermes oak and Aleppo pine, brilliant bouquets of broom, and beds of multi-coloured flowers. A symphony of cicadas is a summer treat. A site of unique beauty and home to much of the fauna and flora of Provence, the mountain offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking day and night, mountain biking, and climbing.

The tourist office organises walks throughout the year, supervised by a tour guide.

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