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Mohammed VI Museum: the first museum of contemporary Moroccan art

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Although best known for its traditional skills, Morocco now has its official contemporary art museum in Rabat.

No, you have not mistaken the address; you are indeed before the first contemporary art museum in Morocco. Its facade often disconcerts visitors because there is nothing modern about it. This building, in the purest Moorish style, was designed to fit like a piece of a puzzle into the surrounding architecture and harmonise with the Sunnah mosque, the parliament, and the Balima. So, its interior may appear to lack character, but this is just a youthful indiscretion.

It opened its doors in 2014, so we must give it time to build its collections. Pioneers of abstract painting like Ahmed Cherkaoui, Farid Belkahia, and Jilali Gharbaoui already have their walls. Meanwhile, temporary exhibitions along with retrospectives are organised. One recently dedicated to the Mediterranean identity of the French sculptor César was a great success.

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Intersection of Avenue Moulay El Hassan and Avenue Allal Ben Abdellah

+212 (0) 537 769 047

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