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MAMA, refuge for live creation


Affectionately nicknamed MAMA, the National Museum for Modern Art in Algiers was recently restored. Its neo-moorish building showcases the vitality of Algerian creation.

MAMA is located in the centre of Algiers on the Larbi Ben M'hidi street. Built in 1909 by architect Henri Petit in a neo-moorish style, it was at the time supposed to house the Galeries de France shops but has been reassigned as a museum in 2007.
Listed as a historical monument, it was beautifully restored. It spreads on five levels to unravel the recent history of Fine Arts in Algeria (from the late 19th century onwards), which mixes creation with separatist claims.
The institution unfolds an important collection of contemporary art, but also tackles other fields, such as music, video or modern dance… Close to the Émir Abdelkader place, Nouveau Monde bookshop and Milk Bar, MAMA offers an Algerian perspective on both arts and the state of the world.

25, rue Larbi Ben M'hidi
16002 Alger

+213 21 71 72 52

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