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Malagasy embroidery

art et culture

Exceptional textile arts are made by the best artisans in the country.

Madagascar is famous for its sumptuous embroidery. Very colourful, the embroidered images often illustrate naive scenes of everyday life: outings in a dugout canoe, oxcarts, or elaborate village scenes. Made with care and entirely by hand by local embroiderers, they are an integral part of Malagasy cultural heritage and expertise. Just walk around one of the famous artisan markets to see examples of this traditional technique; you may just come across an embroiderer in action.

They make everything from clothes to kitchen linen, table runners, napkins and tablecloths, all of which are realized in a creative spirit and with a desire for perfection. Every artisan has their own style and motifs, and each of them selects their threads individually, making the unique results true works of art. Note that all the fabrics sold in the markets are made in the country's weaving workshops.

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