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Madagascar on the mythical RN7


The ‘Route Nationale' 7 (RN7), with its many diverse stops along the way, lets you discover the wealth of the country.

An impressive 940 kilometres long, the RN7 connects ‘Tana' (the nickname for the capital Antananarivo) to Tulear, in the southwest of the island, and offers a path through the diversity of landscapes and the traditions of Madagascar. It makes for an excellent introduction to the country by allowing you to explore its culture and its people. A major axis of the island used for the delivery of crops, it is also the country's best-maintained road. Upon your departure from Tana, you will love the beautiful landscapes and steep reliefs that you will see before reaching the vast rice terraces of the highlands. As you approach the Andringitra and Isalo parks, the scenery gives way to mountains. The road also passes through many colourful villages where you can enjoy a stop in their historic districts and find local crafts. Once you have arrived at the ‘end' of the road, you will be at the resorts of Tulear and Ifaty. To fully appreciate this journey, a 4×4 is highly recommended!

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