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Lotte World: dive into the heart of a magical bubble


A recreational paradise, Lotte World takes you on a multi-faceted adventure.

The largest indoor amusement park in the world, Lotte World is the perfect getaway for families, friends, and couples.

Split into two parks, one indoor and one outdoor, one slogan prevails here have fun  because the scenery will transport you into a world of wild adventures. In the evening everything is lit up, and skaters cover the ice. If it's too chilly and you're eager for thrills, try the ‘Big Loop', or climb to the top of the ‘Gyro Drop' for a 70-metre free-fall. Between the replica of the Trevi Fountain and the carousel, take in a cruise to ‘Magic Island'. And if you're with kids, don't miss the musical performances.

If the queues are long, drop in on the Folk Museum, a very entertaining way to discover the history of Korea

Lotte World
240 Olympic-ro

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