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Les Salines: a picture-perfect postcard beach

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Les Salines is the largest beach in Martinique and undoubtedly the most beautiful.

The beach of Salines on the southernmost tip of Martinique in the municipality of Sainte-Anne, has bright white sand and coconut palms tilting towards crystal clear waters. They say it is the largest beach on the island; it stretches over a kilometer but, more importantly, it is the most beautiful. It is also very busy, especially on weekends.

Local tradition has it that on Easter Monday, entire families come to enjoy a ‘crab matoutou', a delicious local recipe. After such a feast, if you are lucky enough to be invited to share this Martiniquais meal, you can take the rocky path that leads to the Savannah of Petrifications, a former swamp that has dried up to become a desert with a curious lunar appearance.

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