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Le Tyrolien, favourite restaurant for meat eaters in Algiers


Since 1963, the success of this restaurant proved consistent. The chef grills meat under your eyes and serves you directly at the counter.

In this festive setting, the traditional Algerian hmiss plate (garlic, chopped tomatoes and grilled peppers with olive oil) accompanies all grilled food, which are cooked under your eyes and served with onions and green salad. On a stool at the counter, enjoy quality service and flawlessly cooked meat.

For those who do not like beef, marinated chicken skewers (with ginger and lemon for instance) or even French camembert (with green salad and balsamic vinegar) will replace more steakhouse-style first course. Fruit salads for dessert are refreshing and allow you to get on with your journey on a pleasantly light note. At the heart of the city near Isly street, Le Tyrolien maintains its reputation among meat eaters since 1963.

Le Tyrolien
4, rue Khaled Khaldoune
16 000 Alger

+213 21 73 90 46

2,000 DZD

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