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La Table du Vigneron: conviviality in its purest state

wine bar

Come and share the passion of a local wine lover in this typical, friendly wine bar.

The owner, Pierre Fabre, has made a point of bringing the vineyard to the heart of the city. The son and grandson of winegrowers in the Aude, he displays his passion for natural wines in this unusual, convivial wine bar.

The wine menu is, of course, endless, and the market cuisine is fresh and inventive, appealing to connoisseurs of all persuasions. Pierre's wine suggestions will amuse you as much as they delight, because, when it comes to wine, there's no room for chance.

Modern and contemporary decor gives the place a certain energy, and the service of the young, spirited team is very attentive. You will be as impressed by the atmosphere as much as you will be by the cuisine and the wine menu.

La table du vigneron
41, rue des Filatiers
31000 Toulouse

+33 (0)9 81 25 61 89

Menu: around 35 EUR

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