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La Candelaria: colonial promenade


The historical centre with its cobbled streets, colourful houses, and Baroque churches groups together all the beautiful sites of Bogota.

Planted on the mountainous slopes of Monserrate, La Candelaria has maintained the atmosphere of a colonial neighbourhood. It is a maze of narrow, steep streets where it is easy to get lost lined with rainbow coloured houses, carved wooden balconies, Baroque churches, squares, and a plethora of cafés and restaurants to experience.

The carefully preserved colonial buildings are home to museums and hotels scattered among the three-century-old houses, churches, and convents. The oldest neighbourhood of Bogota, declared a historical monument in 1963, also contains much of the city's tourist offerings: the red-and-white Byzantine-inspired Gothic church Iglesia del Carmen; the Independence Museum, where you can learn all about the famous vase that started it all; the Casa de Narino; the Luis Angel Arango Library, which is the largest in the country everything is concentrated around four city blocks. Make a special point of entering the churches you find along your way.

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