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The beauty of the south's untamed nature


Take in the many landscapes of the extreme south and revel in myriad sensations!

From Tulear to Fort Dauphin along the coast in the extreme south of Madagascar, lovers of panoramic landscapes will be sated. This coastal route extends over 650 kilometres of sandy paths, hilly roads, and meandering rivers along which you can admire a truly unique collection of flora and fauna.

Visit Tulear and wander through its main streets, dotted with shops, to reach Ifaty, a beachfront resort surrounded by villages of Vezo fishermen. Then take the road towards Anakao and cross the Tsimanampetsotsa Nature Reserve and its lagoon, host to colonies of flamingos. Meet at the fishing village of Itampolo, known for its lobsters, before heading to Berenty and the vast Ifotaka Forest—but not without having made a detour to the ecotourism site of Lavanono. After this incredible journey, the city of Fort Dauphin awaits you for a charming historic visit. Note that for this sporting adventure, renting a 4×4 is recommended.

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