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L'Estacade: culinary getaway on the water across from Bordeaux


Savour refined world cuisine in an exceptional setting while comfortably seated on the terrace overlooking the left bank of Bordeaux.

All your senses will be awakened in this vast fishing hut set on stilts above the Garonne, with panoramic views of the Water Mirror and the Place de la Bourse reflected in it, shining brightly at nightfall. On nights with a moon, it appears to float like a majestic expanding orb, as in a dream. Materials play an important role in this natural setting with zinc teasing wood and glass to reflect a stylish Zen atmosphere.

The fusion restaurant menu accentuates the Mediterranean (Saint Jacques and clams marinara, spaghetti ‘chitarra' with pesto) with a taste of the Atlantic (hazelnut oysters from Arcachon), and then adds the delicious tastes of Southern wines all at reasonable prices.

33 quai des Queyries
33100 Bordeaux

+33 (0)5 57 54 02 50

Menu: around 50 EUR

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