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Kribi: a long beach with white sand and waterfalls


Head to Kribi, two hours away from Douala, with small fishing villages and white sand beaches.

Time stands still on this coastline bordered with coconut trees. Even if the Douala residents make Kribi and Londii home for the weekend, there are no motorboats or windsurf boards on the water, just a handful of dugout canoes. The residents of the coast, the Batanga, Mabi and Bagyeli watch attentively over the ecological respect of their beaches, as do the pygmies, at one time hailing from Kribi, but today residents of the forest that they also protect. In Kribi and Londji, authenticity and tranquillity describe the areas along the 10-kilometre white sand beach.

Between your stretches in the sun, make sure to visit the Lobé waterfalls. It is the only place in the world where a coastal river arrives in cascades in the Atlantic. This natural spectacle is considered sacred. In Ebodjé, you will see the marine turtles and on the beaches of Grand Batanga you will lunch in beach huts—fish, shellfish and the famous large sea shrimp are all to be tasted here.

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