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Jingshan Park : a bird's-eye view of the Forbidden City


On Coal Hill, ribbons flutter in the wind amongst nonchalant walkers.

Follower's of exercises that maintain both body and mind, the Chinese handle hoops or brightly coloured ribbons with incredible dexterity. You will be amazed by the spectacle that awaits you in the middle of Jingshan Park, performed to a soundtrack of lively music by all generations of Beijingers. They practice these activities almost daily to stay fit, but especially to pass down ancestral traditions.

The view from the heights of the park is breath-taking. Small winding roads that go past greenery will lead you to the beautiful pagodas at the top of the hill. From this viewpoint, you will never tire of contemplating the roofs of the Forbidden City and those of the old city. This is a walk that all Beijing inhabitants adore.

Jingshan Park
Jinshan Qian Jie
Dongcheng District

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