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In Dakar, markets are everywhere


In many ways, all of Dakar is a market, with street food available on every corner and many shops having an open-air feel. For covered markets, here are three visitor-friendly options.

Want to bring home some hibiscus juice, the ancient grain called fonio, or slices of yet, the dried mollusc essential to the national dish, the Thieboudienne? You can visit the Tilène Market, one of the main food emporiums in town, with attractive Senegalese prices and the most varied choices.

Or try the slightly more touristy Kermel Market precisely in the heart of the old town. With its stunning domed roof and walls covered with mosaics, this market offers foods of all kinds inside and crafts nearby, including handmade baskets. Check out the shop called Le Mur (meaning the wall' in French) not far away, thus named for its several-metres-high wall of artwork and sculptures for sale.

Further to the north, clothing enthusiasts will find their paradise at another market, called HLM. Here in the alleys you will find the best tailors in the city. Senegalese women have their boubous made here regularly, and men can have a shirt or suit tailor-made as well.

Kermel Market
Rue de Essarts

Tilène Market
Avenue Blaise Diagne

HLM Market
H.L.M 5

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