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Hugo Desnoyers: the finest meats of France, available in Tokyo


In Shibuya, the artisan butcher Hugo Desnoyers installed his chopping block and counter to offer a taste of great meats.

The first meat bar, ‘Made in France' version, has recently arrived in Eboya, in the Shibuya neighbourhood.

The new place, which everyone is talking about and where no one can get a reservation, has been overrun since the fall 2015 opening, and for good reason. Hugo Desnoyers holds the secret to producing the best meats of France. His project developed over many years with his trips between Japan and France as a meat expert and master butcher. With a meat shop on the first floor and a bistro on the two upper floors, the French meats are available fresh or prepared.

In the kitchen, the chef Takeshi Saita, trained by Desnoyers, offers the crème de la crème of French meats, fed and raised with care, as ensured by an ethical butcher. No reservations needed for lunch.

Hugo Desnoyers
3 Chome-4 Ebisuminami
150-0022 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 6303 0429

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