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Huahine, an open-air memory


This favourite Polynesian island successfully combines exuberant nature, rich cultural heritage, volcanic land forms and a lagoon that sparkles like a rough diamond.

Huahine belongs to the Society Islands, like Tahiti, which could be considered the oldest. Indeed, this small, quiet, well-preserved island is the birthplace of the Lapita people, ancestors of the Tahitians. It has many cultural and archaeological sites (including Maeva), hence its nickname « memory island ». Described as a ‘feminine islan' because of its voluptuous curves, it divides into two parts, one large, one small. According to legend, Hiro, the divine giant, divided the land with his canoe.

Today, the inhabitants still worship the sacred blue-eyed eels of the village of Fare, which all travellers respect. They also fish according to traditional techniques by erecting stone enclosures in the lagoon that turn into fish traps.

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