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Highly colourful markets


This is an obligatory Sunday appointment and an authentic encounter with the very essence of the city.

Sunday in Bogota is full of surprises and rare finds for those who wish to bargain hunt in one of the many outdoor flea markets. From old records to old cameras, there is everything at the San Alejo Market, one of the city's cultural and tourist heritage sites, located on the main street at Carrera 7, where 300 exhibitors gather. Another popular place is the Usaquen Market, located in the central square on Calle 118 and Carrera 6. It brings together artists, craftsmen, and retailers of all kinds.

There you can find very good prices for the creamy dulce deleche of the region, stunning multi-coloured scarves and multifaceted shawls, unique leather shoes, and refreshing guanábana, lulo, and pitaya fruit juices. Unless you prefer the Paloquemao Market, where you can taste exotic flavours and make the purchases needed to prepare one of the Bogotanos' favourite dishes.

San Alejo
Carrera 7

Calle 118 & Carrera 6

Marché de légumes et de fruits de Paloquemao
Calle 19, n° 25-02

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