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Haight-Ashbury: for the hippie in you


In 1967, 100,000 hippies invaded San Francisco, meeting at the Intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets for the gigantic happening that is remembered as the Summer of Love.

Originally, hippies and beatniks lived in North Beach, but the increase in rents in that area brought them here where the colourful, more or less abandoned houses seemed as psychedelic as the drugs did. Janis Joplin lived at 635 Ashbury and Jimi Hendrix gave his first concert on the lawn just across the street. Half a century later, the houses are still here, and you may even rent one for your vacation.

The Haight district has not changed all that much.You can still be a free-love fan here, exploring the vintage thrift shops, independent bookstores, tattoo parlours, music stores and more. Poke your head into the shops and take home some spiritualism with a pack of incense. A moment to reconnect with youthful dreams and to wonder…

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