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From Lorient to the Rhuys Peninsula: Southern Brittany


The coast of southern Brittany is richly endowed with inviting port towns and beaches.

From Lorient, a lively 17th-century port city marked by the conquest of India, to the Rhuys Peninsula, dotted with inviting beaches, salt marshes, and oyster beds, and infused with the spirit of the Dukes of Brittany—as evidenced majestically by the Chateau de Suscinio—the coast surrounding the Gulf of Morbihan is full of remarkable sites and landscapes.

Highlights include Port-Louis and its citadel, Rochefort-en-Terre, with its timeless back streets prized by artisans; the stepped streets of La Roche-Bernard built right into the rock slope; and Vannes, the capital, with its wood-framed houses. Another is the spectacular Quiberon Peninsula, with its kilometres of sandy beaches, interspersed with rocks and cliffs lapped by rolling waves, making it one of the best surf spots in Brittany. And then of course there's Etel, Carnac, and the myriad of magical islands: Groix, Belle Île, Gavrinis, Île-aux-Moines, Houat, and Hoëdic…

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