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Foumban, the city of art

art et culture

This chefferie, 250 kilometres northwest of Yaoundé, is the capital of the Bamoun kingdom, still led by the descendants of King Njoya and reachable by bus and bush taxi.

Foumban is one of the oldest cities of Cameroon. The city dates to 1394, when it was established as the centre of the Bamileke dynasty. One of the most famous kings was Ibrahim Njoya, who reigned from 1887 to 1933 and created everything from a syncretic religion including elements of Islam, Christianity and animism, to a secret language and an alphabet of 83 letters. You can admire his statue in front of the palace, designated a UNESCO world heritage site, that was constructed in his name, a building that resembles a medieval castle with towers at the corners.

The 12,500 magnificent pieces of art are on display at the Musée Royal nearby. The street of the artisans leads from the palace to the museum. Along this street you will be able to buy souvenirs such as embroidered fabrics and basketry. Indeed, the Bamileke are noted artisans, among the best in the country, and their creations are worthy of their reputation.

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