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Fort Santa-Cruz, fortifications with a view


In a typical Spanish style, this fortress was Oran's strategic defence headquarters during Spanish occupation in the 16th century.

The road that leads to the fort is very pleasant. One suddenly feels like they are in the countryside. Santa-Cruz is located at the height of 400 metres on Mount Murdjadjo. And the view is simply breathtaking. To the East, a vista of Oran. To the West, the Mers-el-Kebir strategic military port. When the sky is clear, it is even possible to see Spain!
Fort Santa-Cruz and, later, the Church that stands close to it were built by Spaniards between 1577 and 1604 to protect Oran from pirate attacks. Several hundred soldiers stayed there and it accommodated the Governor. In spite of the heat, it always feels cool inside. The guardrooms, supply rooms and living quarters can all be visited. Three water tanks, the biggest of them all containing up to 300,000 litres, were used for rain water storage. The whole building is in perfect shape.

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