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The caravan route takes you back several centuries to the heart of the East filled with magic.

Iran was part of the trade route linking Rome to China. Silks, gold, and spices were converging from both directions, transported by caravan, starting in the first century BC. Iran holds sumptuous vestiges from this time, including the famous caravanserais, fortified buildings that hosted travellers. Generally only about ten kilometres apart, the caravanserais sheltered the drivers of endless processions of treasure-laden camels as they made their journeys in stages…

The main road crossed the north of the country to reach the border of Turkmenistan via Mashhad, the holy city. It went northwest through Tabriz, a city that seduces with its magnificent bazaar—the longest in the world—and its 24 caravanserais. Turn south to uncover must-see beauties like the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz, charming oases, and the amazing ‘Towers of Silence' of Yazd, the epicentre of the Zoroastrian religion. The city of Kerman is also worth visiting in order to see the Ganj Ali Khan, a complex that includes a school, a caravanserai, and a beautiful hammam, considered one of the country's gems.

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