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Epicure on 45: a breath-taking tour of world cuisine

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The revolving restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World takes you on a gastronomic merry-go-round of tandoori chicken, bird's nest, and Mongolian lamb.

Where to go out at night in Shanghai? Bring family or friends to the revolving restaurant at the Radisson Blu. Go up to the 45th floor, 208 metres high. If you suffer from vertigo, opt for a table in the dining room rather than those located right next to the large windows.

Do not worry, you can still enjoy a breath-taking view. Why not start with a delicious glass of Bordeaux? And for dinner, be ready to try world cuisine: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Moroccan… even vegetarian! The menu offers delicious small pizzas, grilled lobster, Mongolian mutton ribs, tandoori chicken, bird's nest,and a multitude of other dishes, served by an attentive staff.

Epicure on 45
Radisson Blu Hotel New World
88 Nanjing Road West

+86 (0)21 6359 9999

Menu: around 400 CNY

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