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Enjoy the fresh fish you just bought at Noryangjin Fish Market


Come walk the aisles of this vast covered market to select the fish of your choice and enjoy it on the spot.

More than just a visit to a market, a stroll through Noryangjin Fish Market allows you to explore a unique element of Korean cuisine.

The choice is vast in this labyrinth of fish and shellfish. Select your own delicacy directly out of the aquarium or taken from the stalls of crushed ice. Then climb to the second floor and choose,from among the many on offer, the restaurant that inspires you the most (JinnamSushi enjoys an excellent reputation). The chef will then take your catch of the day and grill, steam, or fry it, or carve it up and serve it as sashimi. For adventurous taste buds, try the live octopus. To consume, follow this technique: pick up the octopus head with your chopsticks, wrap the body by hand all around, dip it quickly in the sauce and enjoy!

Noryangjin Fish Market
688 Nodeul-ro

+82 (0)2 8142 211

Menu: depends on the fish you buy

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