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Dublinia: the Vikings in flesh and bone are the friendliest in Ireland


This heritage centre located in the heart of the medieval city takes you on a journey through the history of Dublin right back to its origins.

Following a chronological and thematic order, the centre focuses on three major aspects of the Irish capital: the Viking invasions, life in medieval Dublin, and archaeological finds. Never in a museum has play and immersion been so well placed at the service of learning. With the Vikings, learn the runic alphabet by writing your name in runes.

Learn about the art of engraving coins from a Viking blacksmith, who is as blunt as the axe in his belt. In comparison, the daily life of Dubliners in medieval times will seem much less friendly! Browse its alleyways, infested by the Black Death, or the stands of those cruel fairs that set up their striped tents at the unhygienic markets of the time. Meanwhile, children can detail a huge scale-model of Dublin in the 13th century. The third floor is no exception to the rule and will deliver the daily life and secrets surrounding the ‘History Hunters'. Learn what gives rise to vocations… or conversions!

St Michaels Hill
Dublin 8

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