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De Kas: an ecologically minded restaurant with its own produce


Here, everything is fresh. Vegetables come from the garden, which can be visited before dining.

This large greenhouse, dating from 1926 in the centre of Frankendael park, was about to be demolished in 2001, when starred chef, Gert Jan Hageman, decided to turn it into an original restaurant with its own garden.

As such, all vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers are cultivated here from May to October; visitors are invited to discover it or come from another neighbouring garden. Meats and fish are sourced exclusively from local providers. Lunch or dine at large wooden tables underneath the superb, eight-metre-high glass roof.

Each day's menu is created according to the day's harvest. Be sure to reserve your table, and don't miss one of the house specialties: a Champagne cocktail infused with basil and lemon. The wine selection is reasonably priced.

De Kas
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE Amsterdam

+31 20 462 4562

Menu: from 39 EUR

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