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Congdu; at the crossroads of culinary authenticity and modernity


Creativity, innovation, and tradition are at the heart of the dishes served in a restaurant that invites you on a culinary journey.

Finding this place near Deoksung Palace and the US Embassy can be difficult, but don't give up. Every dish at Congdu starts with the same component: soybean.

The creativity and innovative spirit of the restaurant staff turns this into everything from sauce to tofu ice cream. Employing techniques from French gastronomy and molecular cuisine, the chefs bring a modern touch to traditional Korean flavours. Try the raw blue crab, tofu tiramisu, pork simmeredfor 48 hours or 15-year-old beef sirloin marinated in soy sauce. The dishes as pretty as their names are evocative.

When the weather permits, the roof terrace is open, giving way to a starry sky. The atmosphere is quiet and sophisticated, the service efficient and attentive.

116-1, Deoksugung-gil

+82 (0)2 7227 002

Menu: around 36,800 KRW

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