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Clontarf Castle Hotel: the most modern castle hotel in Ireland


The Clontarf Castle is the successful marriage of the timeless charm of an Irish castle and the high standards of a modern palace hotel.

When you arrive, take the time to enjoy the majesty of the building, whose foundations date back to the 12th century. There is the same harmony in the lobby: the decor is a savvy mix of antique furniture and decorative pieces alongside contemporary elements. The castle is full of surprising details: above the reception, a paragon of a deer's head is enthroned; in a corner, a knight's suit of armour stands guard. Although flowered tapestry and canopy beds are de rigueur, the rooms are less decorated but more favourable to the relaxation of the mind and senses. Without being formal, the polite, effective service is worthy of its setting, because, here, you are not just anyone.

Clontarf Castle Hotel
Clontarf District
Castle Avenue
Dublin 3

+353 (0)1 833 2321

Rooms: from 170 EUR

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